Store Questions

Our proprietary Brand Sauce fulfillment application connects with Shopify, receives orders, and intelligently routes the orders to the correct providers, ensuring that your customers receive their orders efficiently and with a very low margin of error. It’s built on Ruby on Rails — the same technology that Shopify uses to power its shops!

Absolutely! The majority of sales come from promotions. Our clients use these coupon codes and gift cards for new hire gifts, holiday giving, rewards, to attract potential clients, as thank-yous for new clients, pre and post event gifts, and more!

Brand Sauce is powered by Shopify, so there are many payment methods to choose from! Your shop can be configured to accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, G Pay, and even Bitcoin through BitPay. We enable clients to use CODES so that their monthly invoices reflect which offices or departments made purchases.

Current lead times are 12-14 business days for production. Before COVID it was 7-10 days and we hope to get back to that in 2022.

Brand Sauce doesn’t receive a margin on shipping. Some of the major shipping carriers have continued to raise their rates to account for the c19-induced supply chain disruption and because of this, shipping prices will fluctuate. We use a shipping calculator which takes into account the weight of the items, the size of the box, the ship-to address and whether or not the delivery is to a home or an office. In general, shipping for lightweight items is around $6.

We do not take returns if somebody orders the wrong product. If the product is defective in any way then the customer can send us a picture and we will send them a new product for free.

We’ve never had a problem with this. We’re able to monitor all orders placed in real-time. Our software will flag any orders that seem suspect. The majority of our orders are processed on-demand with and printed at order time, so we have plenty of time to cancel orders if necessary.

Product Questions

Through our partnerships, we have access to premium brands including Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Carhartt, and TravisMatthew.

We offer a variety of decorating techniques including screenprint, DTG, embroidery and heat transfer.

Including all of the skus, colors and sizes we have over 1 million products in our app. That includes hard goods such as drinkware, tech products and bags.

T-shirts, polos, hats and hoodies always sell well. The next best sellers are drinkware and bags. Drinkware sells the most because everybody uses it and there are no sizes.

Yes, we can hold your products in inventory! Generally speaking, it’s more efficient and less-demanding on your business to order products on-demand, but there are times when it makes sense to keep an inventory.

Of course! For example, our clients can order their business cards, hard hat stickers, truck decals, nameplates, and more from their store. Ask us about custome or unique products!

Yes, we can do printed materials. Business cards, brochures, stickers, and signage..etc

We have apparel in all sizes from XS to 6XL. As well as extra tall and long.


We’ll present you with a custom-built, beautiful shop within three weeks. At that point, we’ll work with you to do some test orders while continuing to enhance your store. As soon as you’re comfortable, the site will go live!

Our e-commerce site subscriptions are monthly. You can cancel at any time.

So What’s Next?

Let’s Build Together.