Case Study


How do you currently gift your investors?

Do you gift your investors after each deal, when they invest in your fund, for the holidays?

Is your gifting experience fresh and exciting each time?

Are you providing your investors opportunities to talk about your company through your gifts?

Does your current gifting experience bring you closer to your investors?

Stratford Partners is a private real estate investment company exclusively focused on the acquisition of multi-housing assets.

Over the course of 10 years, Stratford Partners has raised over 150 million dollars in private equity. In 2021 Stratford Partners welcomed over 100 new investors.

Like most real estate companies that have many LP’s, Stratford Partners was looking for a creative solution to thank all of their partners during the 2021 holiday season. “The solution was simple,” said a Stratford Partners executive, “hire Brand Sauce.”

“I invest with many sponsors and I have never had the opportunity to choose my holiday gift. This is a great idea.”

– Stan Baratz, Investor

Stratford Partners did not want to send a random gift or the same gift to all of their partners. Their goal was to be unique and at the same time provide gift options for their investors.

To solve their challenge Stratford Partners hired Brand Sauce. Brand Sauce is the leader in on-demand e-commerce.

Brand Sauce built a user-friendly e-commerce store that matched all of Startford Partners branding. The store included over 50 products from name-brand leaders including The North Face and Adidas. Jackets and branded Titleist Pro V1 golf balls were the best sellers.